Fresh out of Tokens

A Weekly podcast addressing issues of diversity, inclusion, intersectionality and feminism in gaming.

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    That's #NotMyMegaMan

    Our fave Hearthstone streamer and Mega Man officiando Steve Lubitz returns to talk with us about E3, Mega Man, VR and more!

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    Lady Boss Varric took us to school

    Todd Harper, aka @laevantine took us to school on a lot of topics; including body diversity, fat characters in videogames, LGBTQIA issues in gaming, Bayo Studies and more.

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    We celebrated our one year anniversary with Sammusmusic! <3

    Sammus the Rapper came through to talk about her music, being a black nerdy girl, the importance of representation in games & in other media. We had a wonderful, candid and amazing conversation to help celebrate our one year mark.

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