Fresh out of Tokens

A Weekly podcast addressing issues of diversity, inclusion, intersectionality and feminism in gaming.

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    It's so hard to say good bye

    This is it y'all, the final episode of Fresh Out of Tokens. It's been two years, 95 episodes, numerous amazing guests but it's time to say farewell.

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    Catt Small & Chris Algoo return to talk up Game Devs of Color Expo

    We talk to Catt Small and Chris Algoo return to talk about this years Game Developers of Color Expo, what prompted them to create the event with other folks at Brooklyn Gamery, work/life balance either with a dayjob or as a freelancer and more.

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    Fresh Out Of SideQuests

    Kyle-Steven Porter drops by to discuss FlameCon, his own podcast about RuPaul's Drag Race, photography and LGBTQIA geek spaces.

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    Souha Al-Samkari runs with Truant Pixels

    Souha Al-Samkari, VP of Truant Pixels joins us to talk about Akash Game, Otome life, a bit of fanning out over Bioware games and more.

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    We caught a Labmouse!

    Laura Simpson talks tabletop, LARP, UX design and getting ready to launch a Kickstarter

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    Chris Spivey brings us a Darker Hue

    We spoke with Chris Spivey of Darker Hue Studios about his upcoming Kickstarter for Harlem Renaissance, diversity or the lack of it in tabletop, being a mystery man of many NDA's and more!

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    The devil was in the details

    The devil was in the details, when it came to Magic, D&D and other childhood pastimes for Tim. We talked about the loss of our fave games and cards because of parental beliefs and more with Tim.

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    It's lit with UGR Gaming!

    It's Lit with UGR Gaming! Brandon Stennis stopped by to talk about Twitch, XSplit, TwitchCon and more.

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    Ladies night, no chill and no gates were kept

    Lauren, Shannon and Tanya get comfy for a girl's night in to discuss gatekeeping, nerd social fallacies, being black women in nerd spaces, podcasting and more.

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    That's #NotMyMegaMan

    Our fave Hearthstone streamer and Mega Man officiando Steve Lubitz returns to talk with us about E3, Mega Man, VR and more!

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    Lady Boss Varric took us to school

    Todd Harper, aka @laevantine took us to school on a lot of topics; including body diversity, fat characters in videogames, LGBTQIA issues in gaming, Bayo Studies and more.

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    We celebrated our one year anniversary with Sammusmusic! <3

    Sammus the Rapper came through to talk about her music, being a black nerdy girl, the importance of representation in games & in other media. We had a wonderful, candid and amazing conversation to help celebrate our one year mark.

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    Games Critique as POC Re-release

    Re-release of our Games Critique as POC Re-release with mildly improved audio quality. Trigger Warnings for this episode: We will be frank in regard to race, racism, transphobia, hatred and threats our guests have received for writing about games. Games critique is always risky especially given the way some people react to in-depth crit of their favorite games. Add a +20 difficulty modifier if you're a POC [Person of Color] who speaks up on gaming's issues. We're lucky enough to have Katherine Cross, Tauriq Moosa and Austin Walker with us to discuss this topic.

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    We got Jimquisited!

    We got Jimquisited at Fresh out of Tokens! We spoke with one of our favorite gaming pundits, Jim Sterling about where games crit is going, changes to his style of punditry over the years, Greenlight & more!

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    Tevinter Family Values with @BioFanOfficial

    We chatted with BioFanOfficial about Bioware games, diversity ups and downs as well as Tevinter Family Values. Listen as Tanya breaks him with on the fly terrible fic ideas. :P

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    We rolled a nat 20 with @NJWgames

    We spoke with Rachel Kronick, creator of Blade & Crown about tabletop, diversity or the lack thereof in the tabletop scene, Wiscon and more!

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    Bonus Episode! Battle of the F-Bombs with Anthony Burch

    We chatted with Anthony Burch about his #GX3 talk, diversity in AAA spaces, dug deep into some Borderlands lore for listener questions, and he convinced Tanya to re-up her Hulu sub for RocketJump.

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    We spun the Dialogue Wheel with ChachiBobinks and Andrew Baker!

    We took the Dialogue Wheel for a spin around the block with ChachiBobinks and Andrew Baker. We covered everything from our collective love of Bioware games, podcasting, diversity in gaming & other media; and a whole lot of other topics.

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    Interview with a Fennec slayer, Allan Schumacher

    We chatted with Bioware's Allan Schumacher on what SDET actually means, diversity in the industry, what life is like on the QA side of the house and interacting with fans.

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    GX3 & Teaching Turing with Matt Conn & Toni Rocca

    We sat down with Matt Conn and Toni Rocca of GX3 to talk about putting together a queer gaming convention, Developing Read Only Memories, diversity in conventions, and more.

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    Ladies Night - AKA HAWKE FEELS!

    So we’re doing things a little differently this time around, David gets the night off as we have a ladies night to spill all our Hawke feels on the table, the floor, everywhere. Tanya is joined by Sylvia Monreal and LC Brown to have a night of Hawke FEELS! This happened because of a question LC asked of Sylvia before she joined us for the first time on Fresh Out of Tokens.

    Also! We had our first fanmail relevant to both Dragon Age and Sylvia's time with us, so we added that into the show

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    Feminist gaming fight club with Amy Isaac

    We chatted with Amy about gender disparity in voice acting, queer indie games research, WoW Raid design and starting a feminist gaming club at her college among lots of things!

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    Get your #AltGames fix with Jason Vega

    We talk about Indie to AAA games marketing, get a lesson on #AltGames from our guest Jason Vega, aka @vegapedia everywhere and a lot more. We had a great time with Jason and look forward to more from him in the #AltGames space.

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    Caelyn is a Gem

    We discussed using twine,Steven Universe, technology, interactive & dynamic fiction games and the making of Bloom, and much more with Caelyn Sandel.

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    We had a @WickedGood time with Steve Lubitz

    We were joined by Steve Lubitz for a WickedGood time talking about parenting as a gamer, Judaism and religion in games, podcasting advice, what we're playing and more.

    Our next episode will feature Caelyn Sandel of Bloom fame!

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    The Great Gita Escapade

    We have Gita Jackson in the house! We talked about games journalism, being seen for your work and not for what you've suffered, along with podcasting and much more!

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    Brooklyn Gamery and #BlackGameDev For the Win

    We welcome Catt Small, Chris Algoo and Dennis Liaw to talk about BrooklynGamery, and Arthur Ward to talk about #BlackGameDev and

    Our next episode will have the one and only Gita Jackson of Paste Games!

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    Games Critique as POC; pitfalls, perils and pearls of wisdom

    Games critique is always risky especially given the way some people react to in-depth crit of their favorite games. Add a +20 difficulty modifier if you're a POC [Person of Color] who speaks up on gaming's issues. We're lucky enough to have Katherine Cross, Tauriq Moosa and Austin Walker with us to discuss this topic.

    Trigger Warnings for this episode: We will be frank in regard to race, racism, transphobia, hatred and threats our guests have received for writing about games.

    Apologies in advance for some audio issues. Technology turned on us mid-recording so there's been some editorial finagling done to bring you this episode.

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    Prism Shells, Tres Witchers and E3 predications!

    Our first episode! Join us as we talk with Chris Algoo of Brooklyn Gamery about Prism Shell, the continued foolishness over historical (in)accuracy in the Witcher 3, how people flipped out over not being able to choose their avatar's race in Rust; and what we're excited for at E3 this year.

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